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Indoor Houseplants that Could Improve Skin Health Indoor houseplants that could improve skin health. (PHOTO: rumahdewi)

TIMESKALTIM, JAKARTAindoor houseplants are good for skin health. This is proven by a research conducted by Royal Horticultural Society in cooperation with University of Reading in England and a researcher, Curtis Gubb PhD.

This research found that indoor houseplants could increase the air humidity that could improve your dry skin through evapotranspiration.

Furthermore, Tijana Blanusa, a horticultural researcher in RHS, stated that moisture loving houseplants could increase humidity. “In our research, we found that the best houseplants are Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) and Ivy (Hedera). However, there are still other species that also give the same benefits that should be tested,” she said.

She explained that a plant could lose hundreds millimeters of water, depending on the type and the size of the leaf, and its condition indoor. Dr. Blanusa also said that more plants bring more benefits. The research found that the shape, size, and color could affect the positive parameters, such as productivity, health, and heartbeat.

Plants could also absorb dust and other particles from the air inside the room. “There are some chemical components from the wall paint, furniture paint, and some other gases that could be absorbed by the plants,” added Dr. Blanusa.

In conclusion, it is beneficial to have indoor houseplants. Not only decorating your room, but the indoor houseplants are also good for your skin. (*)

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